BLOCO IS A CREATIVE STUDIO FOR soundtracks  and audio projects
soundtracks and audio projects


Bloco is a creative audio and soundtrack studio — we weave together sound, music and technology in projects for brands, institutions, events and other artists as well.

Our research joins and integrates different forms of sound expression — music, space, bodies, interactivity, synthesis, design, algorithms and computers.

Our practice is not restricted to the limits between languages — we believe that the projects should start from ideas in order to arrive at a final form, and not the other way around.

We work with a network of collaborators and change size for each project  from concept creation to production, we can carry out all steps of development or only a part of them, if necessary.

Bloco is formed by Marcelo Gerab, Nic Bonnet and André Rival.

Marcelo Gerab — Multi instrumentalist, music producer and architect, develops his work centered on the creation of physical or virtual spaces and objects, whether these are musical, audiovisual or graphic pieces. Over the past few years, he is dedicated to develop his own modular synthesizer, a tool which is his main instrument on personal projects inside studio and also on electronic and electro-acoustic music performances. At Bloco, Marcelo is our Music Director.

Nic Bonnet —

André Rival — An art director for advertising with a 20-year-long career spanning agencies like DM9DDB, AlmapBBDO, NeogamaBBH and Leo Burnett, creating for brands like Bradesco, Renault, Guaraná Antarctica, O Boticário, Vivo and Ypê. He has received a number of awards in the business and has taught advertising creation at Escola Cuca. Apart from accumulating 10 years of a musical career, he has always developed personal projects.

Bloco’s visual identity was created by Sometimes Always, the website was programmed by Fluxo, the english translation was made by Pedro Köberle, and the photo was shot by Thiago Pompéia.